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Exhibition Schedule 

Entries close 4pm Friday 15th March 2024

Conditions of Entry
  • All Entries are free.

  • Entry means a form has been submitted.

  • Exhibit means the actual item entered.

  • Please read carefully the times and cut off dates for Entries.

  • Security arrangements will be made for the safety of Exhibits Thursday and Friday night. Every care will be taken, but all Exhibits are entered at the owner’s risk.

  • Delivery of nomination forms can be done through:

  • Email to

  • Faxed to 9041 1042.

  • Posted to Merredin Show, PO Box 671, Merredin WA 6415.

  • Dropped off to Merredin CRC, 110 Barrack Street, Merredin.

  • All Exhibits to be at the Recreation Centre Courts area on Friday 15th March between 9am and 4pm. Any food Entries can be delivered Friday between 9am and 12 noon. • No acceptance of late Entries or Exhibits after 4pm as judging will commence at that time. • ON NO ACCOUNT SHALL AN EXHIBITOR ADDRESS A JUDGE

  • More than one Entry per Class is permitted.All work must be done by Exhibitor on Entries.

  • Exhibit Entries must be collected between 5pm and 6pm on Show day. Exhibition staff will not be responsible for Exhibits after 5pm. If necessary, Exhibits can be collected on Sunday 17th March between 9.00am and 10.00am however Exhibits left overnight are done so at the Exhibitors own risk. Any Exhibit not collected by Sunday 10am will be discarded (unless arranged with Exhibition Coordinator).

  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd certificates are awarded to each class.

Any queries please contact the Exhibition Coordinator
Cilla Wild 


Exhibition Schedule and Entry Form.pdf


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