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We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with all of you for the upcoming Merredin Show 2024! Slated to be held on March 16th, we are gearing up to make this edition Bigger, Hotter, and Louder than ever before!

Enclosed below, please find the essential booking PDF and detailed information to facilitate a smooth and efficient preparation process for your participation. We are committed to ensuring that this show is a remarkable success and a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Be a part of something amazing

Please return the booking form fully completed with relevant attachments by Friday 8 March 2024 to, or in person at the Merredin CRC, 110 Barrack Street, Merredin. It is the
responsibility of the stallholder to ensure the application has been received.

Payment Details:

Direct Deposits made to BSB 036 105 ACC 195398
Please include your business name or invoice number as reference
To pay via EFTPOS, call Merredin CRC on 08 9041 1041
or visit the Merredin CRC, 110 Barrack Street, Merredin

Download Here

For more information or any queries, please don't hesitate to fill out the contact form below. Our dedicated team is on standby to assist you and ensure that your participation in the Merredin Show 2024 is seamless and rewarding. Whether you have specific requirements, logistical questions, or just want to learn more about what to expect, we are here to help!

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